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Jrock Celebrity Deathmatch

Time for your favorite Jrock stars to get it on

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Jrock Celebrity Deathmatch is a concept borrowed from MTV's original Celebrity Deathmatch to suit Jrock fans. You know one band can kick another band's ass. Why not see if anyone else thinks what you think? JCD exists solely for one purpose: to solve the question of which band/artist would win in an all out brawl against another band/artist of a similar calibur.

Things You Should Know:
-All posts are moderated
-Deathmatches are rotated weekly
-Opinions are supported, but open flame wars are not tolerated

We do not claim to have any affiliation with/support of the Jrock artists featured. MTV does not endorse this ripped off Jrock rendition of their show, nor does JCD promote any real live re-enactments of Jrock brawls.

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